Being creative is an organic process for me and I have been creating from a very young age. My earliest memory is pinning the left over cutoffs from my eldest sisters graduation dress my mother was making and running through the garden pretending I was Pocahontas! This then moved on to cutting out layers upon layers (and I mean a good 30 layers each) of cardboard shaped shoe soles held together with copious amounts of masking tape stolen from my Fathers toolbox to create Spice Girl inspired platform shoes. Then at the age of seven, my Mother sat me on her lap and let me guide the fabric on her Husqvarna - the 90's were great!

Fast forward almost two decades and after a two year stint in London, the move to Melbourne was made where I studied at Melbourne Fashion Institute and completed the Certificate IV in Clothing Production (Couture and Advanced Couture Techniques) along with Certificate III in Clothing and Textile Production (Pattern Making and Garment Construction).

Having previously never studied before (Home Economics doesn't count, right?) my studies at MFI enabled me to build on the knowledge and skills I already possessed. Mostly self taught in terms of sewing and construction I was able to finesse these basic techniques through the first year of studies. Learning and understanding the construction standards, time management and finishing techniques along with creating block patterns and implementing designers sketches into pattern construction that were implemented in the wholesale and mass production industry.

In the second year, the world of Couture was upon me and this is where my years of experience and aesthetic had the opportunity to come to life. Draping and tailoring techniques were used throughout the year and applied to all assessments. This allowed me to create accurate patterns with the form and designs being visualised in a dimensional capacity rather than flat patterning. From here the proportions and design lines could be altered prior to transferring to pattern.

Workshops included metal work, flower making and tambour beading.
Tambour beading was applied to the final assessment piece, Performance Wear which can be found in the highlights here.

I am looking for opportunities within the Lingerie, Tailoring and Couture industries to offer my techniques, attention to detail, precision and time management for labels that live and breathe what they create. I am open to internships and part-time work - please contact me if you wish to know more or have an a placement for offer.